Levelo Full Screen Anti-Static Clear Twice-Tempered Glass


  • Heavy-Duty Protection: Case-Mate iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protector made with extremely durable 9H glass, provides unrivaled 2x shatter protection from drops and impacts; This screen protector offers maximum coverage to reduce screen damage
  • Ultra High Clarity: This ultra transparent iPhone 15 Pro Max film is wrapped in a sophisticated anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch layer that protects against finger sweat, skin oil residue, and blemishes; Glass also offers crystal clear resolution for an enjoyable media viewing experience
  • Touch Sensitive: Made with extremely thin glass with rounded edges, maintains original response sensitivity and accuracy; It does not interfere with the selfie cameras, proximity sensors, or 3D touchscreens


The Levelo Full Screen Anti-Static Twice Tempered Glass offers unparalleled protection for the latest iPhone models: iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15. Crafted with precision, this screen protector undergoes a dual tempering process, ensuring its durability against sudden impacts and potential damages.


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